by Catherine De Dietrich-Probst

I would like to start by a fact that nature exists as a unity of two opposites. 

The YIN and the YANG in “Chinese philosophy describes how seemingly opposite or contrary strength may actually be complimentary interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.” 

I am a deep believer that any company, board, or professional environment needs to involve women, not due to parity; but because they represent the other side of the business: “The feminine insights or approach.”

The feminine side depends upon and counterbalances the masculine. 

Masculine and feminine should be thought of, as complimentary rather than opposite strength, interacting with one and another, to form a dynamic system in where the whole is greater than individual parts. The presence of women not only challenges men but also triggers their feminine side. It stimulates their mind and asserts their masculine conviction. Often in the professional and private world, men and women interact like a mirror. Bringing out for the best, a wide range of different interpretations and perceptions. Together, men and women will help getting to a better and closer approach to reality as it embraces more hypothesis.


The presence of women, is also the only way to get a more realistic consumer representation. They stand for half of them, if not for almost all of them on some product. On the base of this analysis, in my opinion, empowering a new generation’s young women will make them embrace their difference as a valuable asset that should be nourished and cherished. 


My own experience as a woman 

I come from a very “phallocentric’ family. I mean by this term “male dominant spirit”, not to be mixed with “misogynistic” who is a man hating women. The phallocentric man loves having women around him but considers them slightly lower to men. I remember my high education’s years as the most empowering years of my life. I felt that studies included both men and women; without expecting women to change who they were.

Later, I had to struggle, as any other women, in order to create my place in a men’s world. 

No doubt that this has developed my emotional intelligence and helped me to achieve an equal respect. 


Loving the woman part

‘How can you ask others to value you if you don’t value yourself’ 

I believe that the journey of a young woman starts by being proud of being a woman and growing all the aspects of her difference. “Intuition, empathy, sympathy, elegance, charm, analytic tools, perception, tenacity, strength…” 

Some ways of thinking and behaving are more natural for a woman which is a valued asset when they are in line to reach a goal. I am not saying that women have the emotional or relational intelligence monopoly, but I think that they are often more naturally inclined to these values. It can be a real advantage. Sensitivity or creativity can help young women to make a difference, becoming indispensable and being in control of situations. 


Olympic motherhood medal 

Has anyone ever asked a man to not look like a man because he must look serious and clever? 

No doubt that academic training and working experience get young women to a top level. 

Later, society tends to forget that the Yin has its roots in the Yang and the Yang has the roots in the Yin, and that both need each other to succeed. A woman feels this concept all the way through her journey. 

In addition, the work of a mother is one of the most challenging, complex, demanding, gratifying, beautiful, powerful… An Olympic medal’ winner develops special quality and ability compare to other human being. 

Young women should consider that whole life journey of motherhood is an Olympic challenge and the best training ever.

Self-confidence and self-worth 

By identifying and raising their awareness of their own “Queendom”; young women can build their self-confidence and sense of worthiness. I value the slogan of Atisha, a 11th century Buddhist spiritual leader who said: “of the two witnesses, hold the principal one” Who are these witnesses?  They are other’s people view and your own view of yourself. The principal one should be the young woman herself. Young women should have a very high self-understanding and value themselves. No woman spends as much time with herself than herself. 

So, she should respect her own insights and deeply trusts herself in order to achieve self-confidence. 

Self-confidence comes from her own self-worthiness therefore she should pay importance to herself first. 

Young women should learn how to stand firmly and cleverly on their authenticity and abilities; while loving themselves. Always having the courage to use their sensibility and empathy to become a complete woman; which will inspire others.

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